Tea Garden


      Located at the waist of Mook Yu Mountain, there is a tea garden called Ngong Ping Tea Garden, which has been owned by a cement maker for over a decade.  Thanks to the high altitude of 400 meters and the humid air all year round, the tea here grows well and can be harvested twice a year. As it is the only tea garden in HK, it will be your best choice to experience the tea culture through tea-making process.


First Generation: Brook Bernacchi

      The tea garden was previously owned by an English lawyer named Brook Bernacchi. In the 1940s, he was assigned as the British Queen’s Counselor to HK. In order to create job opportunities for prisoners who were set free, Brook Bernacchi came up with the idea to open this Tea Garden, and let them make their own living.

       Read more about Brook Bernacchi…


Second Generation: Chan Woon Chi

      The only tea plantation of Hong Kong is located in Lantau Island. Chan Woon Chi is the master of tea plantation. He used to be a contractor. He took over the plantation and called it Tea Garden almost 18 years ago.

      The main products of this tea plantation are green tea and oolong tea. The process of producing oolong tea is complex and time-consuming. Usually, Mr. Chan would choose to produce green tea. In the morning he picks tea leaves, and then he firing tea leaves for several hours.

      Mr. Chan is very proud of the quality of his tea. Some Indian used to visit his plantation, and they left some tea trees to him. He says, “India tea cannot compare with my tea!” he also proclaim, “the elevation of Lantau Peak is 900m, the elevation of my tea plantation is 600m. This height is very suitable for planting tea.”


The Future of the Tea Garden

      The biggest problem of Mr.Chan is that he does not have enough people to help him. Some of his friends used to come here to help him pick tea leaves, but they are aging. Their children do not want to carry on planting career. The labor cost of Hong Kong is high. Mr.Chan cannot make a lot of money. Talking about the future of his tea plantation, he insists his biggest wish is keeping the tea plantation. He makes a plan about promote his tea plantation and restaurant. He wants young people who visit his plantation can experience the process of producing tea. He will teach them how to pick and fire tea leaves. The next generation will experience the charm of traditional tea culture.



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